All Jeans tell a story.

Phable is an Australian denim label specialising in handmade Japanese selvedge denim jeans, based in Sydney. 

In a world that consumes everything mass produced, Phable offers individuality, style and quality for those who want more from a fashion label than just creating another wealthy empire. 

Connoisseurs of fine denim will be happy to know that we take pride in producing high quality jeans. We use the finest Japanese selvedge denim from the renown Kurabo denim mill. Our buttons and rivets are custom made in Italy and our jeans are 100% handmade in Sydney, Australia.

Luke Hammonds & Brody Davison (Photo by Giuseppe Santamaria)

Luke Hammonds & Brody Davison (Photo by Giuseppe Santamaria)

The boutique nature of our label allows us to be more hands on and personally inspect every element of your jeans before shipping them. We even hand brand the number of your jeans personally. Each pair is hand made by a single jean-smith.

We pride ourselves on our attention to details, the kind you can't necessarily see at first glance. From the subtle branding on the back of our buttons and rivets, screen printed pocket bags, hand branded numbers on the leather patches, to the specially designed box they are delivered in. It's the little things that make Phable jeans your favourite pair.

We believe that all jeans tell a story and that is how the Phable brand got its name, from storytelling and imagination that keeps the mind free. Our brand is about telling unique stories through fading denim.


Our denim is dyed with natural indigo which is often referred to as the 'Living Colour'.

Your pair's 'Living Colour' will change shade with each wear. As every body shape is different, no one pair of jeans will fade and wear the same as the next. This unique process is the 'story' of how your jeans have been worn and a symbol of your individuality, guaranteed to make your Phable jeans one of a kind. 

We sell unwritten stories to inspired authors, our denim is your blank page, the indigo is your pen .... we look forward to seeing your Phable come to life.