Care Instructions



If you follow these simple care and washing instructions, your Phable selvedge denim jeans will slowly begin to "write" your story into the denim itself.

The denim will reflect what you do in them and will create a look that is unique and customised to your body, so no other pair of jeans will share the same story as yours.


Wear your Jeans as often as possible, even to bed! Wearing your jeans creates distress marks and creases in the denim that, when washed, create a high contrast look that is highly sort by denim connoisseurs. The contrast is the difference between the lighter areas of the denim [distress marks] and the darker areas of the denim [the areas protected from distress]. If worn and cared for properly, your Phable selvedge denim jeans will look amazing.


We advise that you don't wash your Phable jeans for the first three to six months of wear.

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Machine Wash

  1. Turn your Phable jeans inside out, This helps reduce damage to the buttons and excess friction to the indigo side of the denim from the machine.
  2. Wash separately [indigo dye will run].
  3. Wash using a non bleach washing detergent [we recommend using a colour fastening detergent]. For a home made colour fastening wash use 3 tablespoons of diluted salt along with your washing detergent.
  4. We recommend cold wash as hot wash will cause shrinkage. Your Phable jeans will shrink no more than 3% as our denim is "Sanforized" at the denim mill.
  5. Wash on a gentle cycle. DO NOT use a spin cycle to dry your jeans. Do not tumble dry. Pull them out of the machine dripping wet and hang them outside in the shade to air dry.
  6. Once you have washed them run an empty cycle to remove any indigo dye in the machine.
  7. Stretch the inseam when damp to return the full length back to the leg.
  8. Your ready to wear your Phable Selvedge denim jeans again ....until the next wash ;-)


  1. Turn your Phable jeans inside out. Wash separately.
  2. Fill sink or deep tub with cold water and 3 tablespoons of salt to reduce colour loss.
  3. Soak your jeans in tub for 1hr.
  4. To wash, gently kneed the jeans with your hands with extra attention to the crotch and leg opening areas.
  5. Gently wring the bulk of the water out of the jeans.
  6. Hang in the shade to dry.
  7. Stretch the inseam when damp to return the full length back to the leg.

Keeping Them Fresh

It's important to get as much wear out of your Phable Jeans before their first wash. Here are some tips on how to keep them fresh until the first wash:

  • Air them! Hang them by the window or even on the line to get some air circulating through them.
  • Odour deodorisers such as sport shoe anti-bacterial sprays work a treat.
  • Do not spot clean. This will create a faded patch.
  • Steam if necessary over the kettle or with the iron (do not iron Jeans prior to 1st wash).
  • Dry clean your jeans.